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  • This blog post contains helpful tips and videos for using Google Forms more efficiently (setting default point values, setting automatic feedback for questions, etc)

  • Reading Graphic Organizers: Students can use this with any text; they are Google-Drive ready or can be printed and distributed. They are also editable, so you can customize them.

  • Color-coded online discussion: Use this simple strategy to connect students and host an online discussion over any topic. The short video tells you exactly how to use it!

  • A free platform that students can use to create an e-book. This is great for projects such as having students read a text then summarize it into something a child could understand or having students create a storybook for a unit theme.

  • Book Creator - Tool for creating digital books. Currently offering free accounts for schools affected by Coronavirus

  • PearDeck - Interactive presentations that sync with Google slides. Request free premium account here.

  • Peergrade - Students can upload a document (writing, an image, etc.), and the teacher can assign students to give feedback on each other. Peergrade is currently offering free accounts to educators with the code "COVID-19"

  • Screencast-O-Matic - Use to make screencast videos of content, instruction guides for assignments, and more.



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